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Antibiotic tincture or syrup
for busy people

This formula is particularly good for people who need fast relief
for most infections like cold & Flu
As the amount of alcohol is very small, it should not cause any problem
or you may try my sweet syrup
1 Packet of French Haven Natural Antibiotic Mix
that you can get at
French Haven Patisseries & Herbs
34 Bondi Crescent at Kewarra Beach
Please give us a call before on
0457 925 025

1 Tbsp. each of Thyme, Mullein Flowers, Mallow,
Echinacea Purpurea roots, Echinacea Angustifolia roots,
Plantain, and Elderberry

3 Crushed Cloves and 3 Cloves of Garlic sliced
1 Tbsp. of grated Ginger
1 litre of Fruit alcohol, Kirsch, Gin, or Vodka
or 3 cups of Pure Australian Honey

Put the herbs and spices in a glass jar and cover them largely with the alcohol.
Close the jar tightly and leave it on the windowsill for three weeks.
Shake it regularly.
Strain the tincture in a large glass bowl.
If you are worry about the alcohol,
Just put the bowl on a large saucepan of water and let it boil uncover;
then turn of the heat off completely and leave the bowl in the bain-marie
covered with a clean towel.
The next day your tincture will be ready
and you can fill up small sterilised dark bottles.
Take thirty drops diluted in a hot drink with lemon juice and honey
four times a day for three days
then, reduce the amount to three times a day for a week.
If you prefer NO alcohol for you or your children
This syrup is really nice you will see but less potent

Put the echinacea roots in a sauce pan
with cold water at least 4 cm above the roots
Let them boiled for 10 min then turn of the heat
and then add the other herbs and spices except the mallow
that you will add only when the tea is cold
cover the saucepan with a clean towel
and let the mallow infuse for 2 hours at least.
Strain and add 3 cups of honey to the tea and mix well
Finally fill small dark glass bottle carefully sterilised
Please remember to tell your doctor about these herbs
if you are on medication

Enjoy and see you next week

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