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Calming Herbs

As I already told you valerian, lavender, and violet
have great healing properties
In tincture, these properties are enhanced and preserved.

Take thirty drops in water or juice half an hour
before going to bed or when melancholy strikes.

Just beware that Valerian may react differently on some people
Try it as a tea first and replace it with Lemon Balm if you do not tolerate Valerian

2 Tbs. each of Lavender, Violet, and Valerian
1/2 Litre of Fruit Alcohol, Kirsch, or Vodka
or 2 cups of Pure Australian Honey

In your coffee grinder, reduce the herbs into a reasonably fine powder.
Put them in a glass jar and cover them largely with the alcohol.
Let infuse the herbs for three weeks and shake the jar regularly.
Strain the brew and fill up small sterilised bottles.

You can also replace the alcohol with honey
in such a case, infuse the herbs in hot water
strain when cold then blend the Honey

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bellepage herbs

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