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The Refreshing Ice Tea

In the middle of Spring and certainly Summer here Far north Queensland
we need to drink and a refreshing tea is wonderful to avoid all the soft drinks not so good for us
As I told you before, it is not good to drink the same tea for more than 3 weeks;
therefore the tea below is certainly the solution;
and I put in bracket what you can replace with.
I prepare the mix with Green Tea and drink it every day for 3 weeks;
then I prepare the mix with Wood Bettony which is very good for you too

1 Packet of French Haven Refreshing Wonder Ice Tea
that you can get at

French Haven Patisseries & herbs

34 Bondi Crescent at Kewarra Beach
Please give us a call before on

0457 925 025

8 Tbsp. of Green Tea (or Wood Bettony)
1 Tbsp. of Hibiscus Flower (Please ask your doctor if you have low blood pressure)
1 Tbsp. of Stinging Nettle
1 Tbsp. of Orange Peel
1 Tsp. of Licorice root (This should counteract the Hibiscus effect but ask your doctor)
You can replace the Hibiscus with 1 Tbsp of Rosehips Berry crushed

Put the herbs in a large teapot or jar and cover them largely with 1.5 l of near boiling water.
Leave it cover for three hours or more; then stir to blend the flavours.
Put the teapot in the fridge for at least three hours.
Strain the tea: fill some ice cubes and put the rest in the freezer
When icy cold, drink it with a few ice cubes
You will see it is very refreshing and delicious.
So remember, with green tea for 3 weeks then switch with Wood Bettony.

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Enjoy Yes Yes !!!
Have a beautiful day and see you next week

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