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Amazing Herbal Remedies


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The wonderful herbs for the Heart

High levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure are the main causes of heart diseases;
unfortunately, traditional medicines not only lose their efficacy very quickly,
they often cause constipation and damage the liver.
This tincture is one of the best natural alternatives and you can expect very good result
if you modify your diet and your lifestyle.
A healthy diet is of course primordial;
it should include oat and barley or rice bran, beans and lentils, all kinds of fish
especially mackerel, tuna, and salmon,
and plenty of vegetables and nuts like almond and walnut.
Finally, changing your way of life is not as drastic as you may think.
Just take time to enjoy life, do gentle exercises, and breathe deeply in time of stress.
Take thirty drops of this tincture in a cup of green tea once a day for three weeks.
Then, a small glass of hawthorn wine twice daily with meal for three more weeks is a good alternative (next recipe soon).

1 Packet of French Haven Wonderful Herbs for the heart
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French Haven Patisseries & herbs
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6 Tbsp. of crushed Hawthorn berries
3 Tbsp. of Motherwort (if permitted - ask your doctor if you have any heart disease)
2 Tbsp. of Rosemary
1 Tbsp. each of Hyssop and Nettle
3 Cloves of Garlic
Fruit alcohol, Kirsch, Gin, or Vodka

Put the herbs in a large jar and cover them largely with the alcohol.
Leave it in a warm place for three weeks and shake it regularly.
Strain and pour into small sterilised bottles.
If you are worry about the alcohol,
Just put the bowl on a large saucepan of water and let it boil uncover;
then turn of the heat off completely and leave the bowl in the bain-marie
covered with a clean towel.
The next day your tincture will be ready to bottle

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