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Father's day

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Papa, today is Father's Day,

You are now so far away.
and it is so long ago that I hugged you
for Father's Day
How I miss those wonderful days
How could I forget your beautiful mind

For you, be they yellow, black, or white
You only saw the sun shining in people's eyes.
And for this, I thank you
with all my heart Papa.

For you, far away lands shine with mystery,
Like a window, an opening on the other world.
Is it so bad not to have the same religion
the same ideas?

Today, no need of the Esperanto,
There are millions of interpreters
and many people speak other languages
But the Tower of Babel is climbing higher and higher
And we understand one another less and less...

Though I try to pass your message of peace
To the future generation,
They have no time for listening
They hardly have time for living.

Knowing how to stop and breath
Could change the mad course of the world
At least this could help us realise
That we would live in the best possible world.

If we cease to believe that we know every thing
that we can dominate and oppress
Those who do not think as we do.
We could change the world

I miss you terribly Papa
We would bave so much to talk about
And I still have so much to learn.
But for all I know
For all this, I thank you with all my heart Papa.

And I will always love you
No matter where you are

Have a great dayYes Yes !!!
and see you next week

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