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Amazing Teas

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Winter Delight Tea

Winter is here
And the fire dances in the chimney.
The sky is grey
And few birds quickly fly away toward their nest.
Home sweet home!
It is so nice and warm here!
A good winter tea should prevent cold and flu and have a pleasant taste.

1 Packet of Winter Delight Tea that you can get at
French Haven Patisseries & herbs
34 Bondi Crescent at Kewarra Beach
Please give us a call before on
0457 925 025
1 Tbsp. cooked Elder berries and Elder flowers,
1 Tbsp. of Echinacea leaves and roots,
1 Tbsp. of Raspberry leaves
½ Tsp. of Cinnamon
1 Tsp. of Orange peel
1 Tbsp. of Rosehip syrup in each cup
(see Fruit syrup recipe)
½ Cup of dried Apples pieces

Soften the fruit in little water.
In a glass jug, pour one litre of very hot water over the elder berries—
that you have already boiled for ten minutes—elderflowers, Echinacea—
unless you are allergic to it—and raspberry leaves;
add the cinnamon and the orange peel.
Let stand five minutes and strain.
Re-heat the tea.

Enjoy Yes Yes !!!
and see you next week

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