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Is Life really absurd?

Have you ever thought that Life is not worth living?
As Sisyphus adamantly pushing his enormous boulder
I felt many time that there is too much suffering
and all our efforts make life absurd
But I also know for a fact that after any storm the sun shines again
and there is a light at the end of every tunnel
However, why should I wait for the sun or the light?
Too often, my Life has lost its meaning
It is not because my suffering is or was more unbearable than others' suffering
Suffering is not measurable it is mine that's all
and it is when our suffering becomes bigger than our happiness,
that we wonder if Life is worth living at all
But again, how can we compare them?
How can we decide which one is heavier or bigger than the other?
of course we can't but because we are so overwhelmed
We refuse to push the stone inexorably to the top of the hill
even if we know that then it will roll down by itself
and for a short time, peace will chase the fear, the sorrow.
Perhaps, there is a way to break the curse.
Perhaps, when we finally reach the top of the hill
instead of running along side the stone, we could just sit on the summit
we could look around us to see what we have achieved
We are so high that we have the opportunity to see in perspective
and even though it was so hard to reach the top
we may realise that it was indeed worth it
not only for us but for many people
and probably some who do not even know yet and may never meet
What ever we do has a rippling effect even if it is only a small one
and if from the top of our mountain, we can't see any thing worth
May be we can look for a way to achieve something that will please us
How could we say that that our father, grand-fathers,
in fact all our ancestors' lives were absurd?
They have done so much for us all
and our life would have been so much different
if they didn't push their boulder over and over again
Indeed we would not even have existed without them.
We don't need much to be happy and contribute to others' happiness
if we don't at least try, then our life will be absurb
and probably not worth living
But I really think that such a mess will be a shame
because we have every means to do it
so may be we should push the enormous stone
at least one more time and see.
Yes yes always one more time!

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