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Pectoral flowers tea

In this bouquet,
I combined beauty and goodness
Mother Nature
Thank you so much for your precious gifts.

Bronchitis and cough are some of the conditions
that may become chronic if not treated properly.
The efficacy of the Pectoral flowers tea have been demonstrated scientifically.
Compared with chemical antibiotics, they have absolutely no side effects.
In addition, they are delicious so do not hesitate to try them.

1 Tsp. each of Mullein, Mallow, Linden, Plantain, Violet,
and Corn Poppy
½ Tsp. of Thyme

Pour a litre of very hot water over the flowers except the Mallow
that you will add when the tea is lukewarm or cold.
Let the herbs infuse five minutes and strain them.
Add the Mallow and let it stand over night.
Strain and re-heat the tea.
Add some lemon juice and drink it sweetened with honey.
In severe cough, take one cup of tea every three hours.

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